Freitag, 25. März 2011

Me-Made-March 21.-24. März

Let's go on with business:
21. März - work

me made: corduroy trousers (brigitte Sonderheft 97), panty, vest, (coat, silk scarf)
mum made: socks
store bought: tunic, jacket, bra, hat, gloves

22. März 

me made: herringbone trousers (burda easy fashion 2/2005), mohair sweater (barda easy fashion 2/2005), panty, vest, trench coat (burda 9/2004)
mum made: socks, bag
store bought: new sunglasses!, bra

23. März

me made: denim skirt (burda 9/2004), blouse (burda 8/2009), panty, vest (coat)
store bought: bra, tights, hat, gloves

24. März

me made: dress (frankenpattern between burda easy fashion 1/2009 for the skirt and burda 2/2008 for the top), mohair sweater, panty, (coat)
mum made: socks
store bougth: tights, bra, sunglasses

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