Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Me-Made-March 1.-3. März

There we go again: outfit pics! Finding a new photo routine has been kind of a challenge in itself as we moved the mirror I took my photos in september to a darker spot. So I've been playing around with the self timer...

Day 1 - at work - trying hard to look serious ;)

me made: coat (burda easy fashion 2/05), skirt (burda easy fashion 2/05), wrist warmers (veyla by Ysolda), panty (my pattern)
mum made: shawl, socks, leg warmers
store bought: bra, vest, tights, t-shirt, jacket (not in the picture), beret

Day 2 & 3 - at home

me made: trousers (burda easy fashion 2/05), cardigan (my pattern, I'm just about to send it to the tech editor :) ), panty (my pattern)
mum made: socks
store bought: bra, vest, scarf

Day 3 - later today at sport, I'm going to look like in September, so I'm posting the old pic ;)

me made: t-shirt (ottobre 2/2007), gym-pants (burda11/2007), panty
mum made: socks (just imagine...)
store bought: see above

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