Freitag, 1. April 2011

Me-Made-March 25.-31. März

Wow, that's a weeks worth of outfits... and almost no time left today to blog. They are actually rather repetitive by now. So quickly on with the pictures:

25. März
Can't find a picture...Probably something cosy like the herringbone trousers and my green mohair sweater again. (Perhaps that's why there is no picture.)

26. & 27.März

me made: skirt, petticoat, panty, (coat)

28. März

me made: corduroy pants, sexy vesty, panty, (coat)

29. März

me made: skirt, cardigan, shawlette (Elinor, see sidebar or patterns), panty, (coat)

30. März

me made: panty, mohair sweater, (coat)
It's been the first time this year it was fine enough to wear skin tight jeans!

31. März

me made: dress, panty, (coat), funny face ;)

d'oh, did even make a pic today...

me made: dress, panty, (trench coat)

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